Using AJAX Pro (step by step):

16 Jul

This is a simple guide for using the AJAX Pro in VS2003


1-     Add the AJAXPro.dll to your bin folder


         Right click on the bin folder and select “Add Reference… ”




         Select the browse tab and browse for the AjaxPro.dll folder to select it and click ok



2-     Add the following to your web.config file



          <add verb=POST,GET path=ajaxpro/*.ashx type=AjaxPro.AjaxHandlerFactory, AjaxPro.2/>



3-     Create a Class to write your Ajax functions

         Right Click on the App_Code folder and select “Add New Item…”



         Select “Class” from the templates; enter a name for your class and click Add



4-     In your class imports the AjaxPro Library and create your function as the following:


       <AjaxPro.AjaxMethod(AjaxPro.HttpSessionStateRequirement.ReadWrite)> _

Public Function AjaxFunction(ByVal strVariable As String) As String


5-     In the ASP Page that need to use the Ajax Function:


         Import your Ajax Class library

         Add a function to the body onload event

<body   onload=”BodyOnLoad()”

         In the BodyOnLoad assign a variable to your class


function BodyOnLoad()


                       LPMyAjax = IMGSLB.MyAjax;




6-     Now you can call the ajax function from JavaScript


    function jsCallAjax(strValue)
















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