Getting the Table Name of a field in a View (SQL2000, C#)

10 Oct

So I have a View that join different tables, I wanted to get the Table name of a Field in the View. So I created a Function [GetTableName] with the following Inputs


         View Name

         Connection String of the View.

         The required Field Name


This is the function


public string GetTableName (string ViewName, string ConnString, string FieldName)


            SqlConnection MyConnection;

            string toReturn = ViewName;


            MyConnection = new SqlConnection(ConnString);



            DataTable MyTable = MyConnection.GetSchema(“Views”);

            foreach (DataRow dRow in MyTable.Rows)


                object[] sqlArray = dRow.ItemArray;

                if (sqlArray.GetValue(2).ToString() == ViewName)


                    DataTable MyVTable = MyConnection.GetSchema(“ViewColumns”);

                    foreach (DataRow dVRow in MyVTable.Rows)


                        object[] sqlVArray = dVRow.ItemArray;

                        if (sqlVArray.GetValue(2).ToString() == ViewName)


                            if (sqlVArray.GetValue(6).ToString() == FieldName)


                                toReturn = sqlVArray[5].ToString();










            return toReturn;





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