Using ASP.NET Mobile Forms

05 Feb

I wanted to use the normal ASP.NET Forms stuff in a mobile form.

  • Right click on the web site project and select Add new Item


  • Select Mobile Web Form. enter a name for the form and click on Add button


  • To use a style sheet & a JavaScript file, I added a DeviceSpecific with SupportJavaScript Filter. this is how the HTML code looks like


  • Now I wanted to created some ASP controls. so I added another DeviceSpecific with isHTML32 Filter. this is how the HTML code looks like



  • One last thing, in order to make those DeviceSpecific Filters to work you need to add the required keys in the web.config file. this is how this would look like



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2 responses to “Using ASP.NET Mobile Forms

  1. Amit

    October 20, 2010 at 8:15 am


    Mobile forms are no longer supported in latest version of .NET. The best way is to create standard ASP.NET website with pages designed for mobile best output.

    Important thing here is to detect request from mobile and redirect user to mobile optimized web page.

    Please take a look at It is an ASP.NET open source module which detects mobile devices and provides auto redirection to mobile optimized pages when request is coming from mobile device. It makes use of WURFL mobile device database. For redirection there is no need to modify existing ASP.NET web application pages.

    Apart from this it also gives upto-date mobile capability information like manufacturer, model, screen height & width, image formats supported and MANY MORE…… which helps to customize pages for best mobile output.

  2. malakablog

    October 21, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Thanks for your reply

    I already recommended those guys in 51degrees


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