Graveyard In Glendalough’s Monastic City

04 Aug

Google Plus Facts

  • It has been confirmed that later in the year, there will be a business version of Google Plus.
  • Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) joined Google+ just after its launch and he has more followers than Larry Page (founder of Google), who currently has the second most followers on G+.
  • Google+ has a video chat feature, known as hangouts, in which up to ten people can be included in a video call, the sad thing is that this doesn’t work on mobile devices yet.
  • The Google+ Hangouts work with Google Translate to make multi-language communication possible instantly. Skype doesn’t support this, nor does the new Facebook Video Calling.
  • Unlike Facebook, there are no advertisements displayed over Google’s social network site, making the load time faster and overall keeping Google+ users from getting confused.
  • There is a 5000 maximum friend limit on every Google+ profile.

Graveyard In Glendalough’s Monastic City

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