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Malahide Beach

Programming Languages

What do you use for programming? I mainly use VB.Net, I used and enjoyed C#. And as a web developer I used JavaScript. I remember doing some php long time ago. In the university I used Assembly, Fortran, and VB 6.0

But I only speaks two languages

Malahide Beach

Malahide Beach

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Games for Autistic Children

  • Board games: Children with autism may also enjoy many different types of board games ranging from Connect 4 to Chess. Many board games offer opportunities to improve language, problem-solving or math skills along with social interaction.
  • Computer and electronic games: Computer games can help children with autism in educational areas such as learning new vocabulary, practicing math skills or improving eye-hand coordination. Both educational computer games developed for autistic and non-autistic children are appropriate.
  • Singing and dancing games: Dvds of singing and dancing games can also provide an activity that a child with autism may enjoy alone or with a group. These types of games encourage improvements in social interaction as well as healthy movement and sensory processing. Some children’s TV shows with dancing such as Yo Gabba Gabba also incorporate games with dancing.
  • Preschool interactive group games: Some young children with autism enjoy interactive games with nursery rhymes and coordinated movements such as The Itsy Bitsy Spider or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.


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