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ReportViewer Error : Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object

I was getting this error in my ASP.NET application when I try to load a report into the report viewer control. To solve this I used the Reset() method of the report viewer control.

oReportViewer.ProcessingMode = Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ProcessingMode.Remote
oReportViewer.Visible = True
oReportViewer.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl = New System.Uri(sReportServiceURL)
oReportViewer.ServerReport.ReportPath = sReportName
oReportViewer.ShowParameterPrompts = False
oReportViewer.ShowDocumentMapButton = False
oReportViewer.DocumentMapWidth = 0
oReportViewer.ShowDocumentMapButton = False
oReportViewer.ShowFindControls = False

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Malahide Beach

Programming Languages

What do you use for programming? I mainly use VB.Net, I used and enjoyed C#. And as a web developer I used JavaScript. I remember doing some php long time ago. In the university I used Assembly, Fortran, and VB 6.0

But I only speaks two languages

Malahide Beach

Malahide Beach

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Using ASP.NET Mobile Forms

I wanted to use the normal ASP.NET Forms stuff in a mobile form.

  • Right click on the web site project and select Add new Item


  • Select Mobile Web Form. enter a name for the form and click on Add button


  • To use a style sheet & a JavaScript file, I added a DeviceSpecific with SupportJavaScript Filter. this is how the HTML code looks like


  • Now I wanted to created some ASP controls. so I added another DeviceSpecific with isHTML32 Filter. this is how the HTML code looks like



  • One last thing, in order to make those DeviceSpecific Filters to work you need to add the required keys in the web.config file. this is how this would look like



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GridView: Wrong Fields Order


I was working on a GridView that is binding to a custom class collection to display its properties. the fields in the GridView were ordered depending on the order of the properties in the Class. everything was working fine. until I moved the code to a different development environment.

In the new development environment the order of the GridView fields was not as expected. after spending a lot of time trying to fix that. I installed the .NET 2.0 service pack 2 and that solved the problem!!!!

You can download the .NET 2.0 SP2 from here

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C#:Using Dictionary as DropDownList Data Source

I have IDictionary Object called ListOptions. To use it as the data source for an ASP.NET DropDownList called objDropDownList:


objDropDownList.DataSource = ListOptions;

objDropDownList.DataTextField = “Value”;

          objDropDownList.DataValueField  = “Key”;





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How to sort a collection to be used in DropDown List

I have a collection object (EmployeesCollection) for custom Employee class, In the Employee class there are two properties Name and EmployeeID. I want to sort the EmployeesCollection by Name and use it in a DropDown List (ddEmployees).


DataTable dtEmployees = new DataTable();



          foreach (Employee vEmployee in EmployeesCollection)


                    dtEmployees.Rows.Add(new object[] { vEmployee.Name, vEmployee. EmployeeID  });


          dtEmployees.DefaultView.Sort = “Name”;

          ddEmployees.DataSource = dtEmployees;

          ddEmployees.DataTextField = “Name”;

          ddEmployees.DataValueField = “EmployeeID”;






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Getting the Table Name of a field in a View (SQL2000, C#)

So I have a View that join different tables, I wanted to get the Table name of a Field in the View. So I created a Function [GetTableName] with the following Inputs


         View Name

         Connection String of the View.

         The required Field Name


This is the function


public string GetTableName (string ViewName, string ConnString, string FieldName)


            SqlConnection MyConnection;

            string toReturn = ViewName;


            MyConnection = new SqlConnection(ConnString);



            DataTable MyTable = MyConnection.GetSchema(“Views”);

            foreach (DataRow dRow in MyTable.Rows)


                object[] sqlArray = dRow.ItemArray;

                if (sqlArray.GetValue(2).ToString() == ViewName)


                    DataTable MyVTable = MyConnection.GetSchema(“ViewColumns”);

                    foreach (DataRow dVRow in MyVTable.Rows)


                        object[] sqlVArray = dVRow.ItemArray;

                        if (sqlVArray.GetValue(2).ToString() == ViewName)


                            if (sqlVArray.GetValue(6).ToString() == FieldName)


                                toReturn = sqlVArray[5].ToString();










            return toReturn;





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Handling an Application Event in another application

I was working on a Console application that read SQL Database connection details from a configuration file then send these details to another application (Let us call it the Update Application) which will go through the records of a table to update them using a For Loop, I wanted to show a status message on the Console screen for each record.


In the Update Application (VB.NET) I defined a Public event to handle the status message


Public Event Message(ByVal sMessage As String)

In the update function I raised this event with the required message

For Each dbRow In DataSet.Tables(“DataTables”).Rows


      RaiseEvent Message(“Start Processing record of ID “  & dbRow (“ID”).ToString())

                    ‘Do the Update Here                          

      RaiseEvent Message(“End Processing record of ID “  & dbRow (“ID”).ToString())




In the Console Application (C#) I defined a handler for the event



  using System;

  using System.IO;

  public delegate void UpdateAppMessageHandler(string myString);


 I defined the required function for the event handler



   internal class Program


        UpdateAppMessageHandler MySEvent = new UpdateAppMessageHandler (ConsolAppMessageHandler);


        static   void  ConsolAppMessageHandler(string sMessage)




Now I need to assign the Update Application event to the event handler in the Console Application


  private static void Main(string[] args)




                UpdateApp MyUpdateApp = null;

                MyUpdateApp = new UpdateApp ();

                MyUpdateApp.Message += ConsolAppMessageHandler; 




Now the Console Screen will show a message for Start/End processing of each record in the Database
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Retrieve C# code out of EXE Assembly

I lost some of my applications code coz of PC format, one of these applications is a C# Console Application, I managed to get the exe output of this application but I was not able to retrieve the code files so I used (.NET Reflector) to do this:


1-     Download the .NET Reflector.


2-     Download the Reflector.FileDisassembler.


3-     Extract the .Net Reflector


4-     Extract the Reflecter.FileDisaembler


5-     Copy the Reflector.FileDisassembler.dll to the .Net Relector Folder


6-     Start Relector.EXE


7-     From the View menu select Add-Ins



8-     In the Add-Ins Screen select Add and select Reflector.FileDisassembler.dll then close the Add-Ins screen



9-     From File menu select Open and select the exe file you want to retrieve its code



10- The reflector will load the file Assembly in the Assemblies section



11- Select the required file and from the Tools menu select File Disassembler




12- Click Generate and you will get your code




 Finally I would like to thank Siderite for his help


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