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Vignetting – Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial to show how to use the Photoshot to create Vignetting effect on photos


I will be using Photoshop version 8.0:


1- Open your image with Photoshop.



Open Photo


2- Create a new layer by selecting New/Layer from Layer menu (SHIFT+CTRL+N).



New Layer


3- Make sure to have the following color setting in the Tools




4- Fill the new layer with black (ALT+DELETE)





5- Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) to draw a rectangular as the following





6- Select the Feather (ALT+CTRL+D) from the Select menu and enter a value between 100-200 pixels.





7- Hit Delete to delete the selected area





8- From the Layers palette reduce the Opacity slider value to the required level




And this is the final result



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