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Web Mobile Development

I was very busy recently working on a Web Mobile Application, The biggest problem I faced is detecting the Mobile screen size. eventually I used this .NET Mobile API.

I highly recommend Great support team

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Using ASP.NET Mobile Forms

I wanted to use the normal ASP.NET Forms stuff in a mobile form.

  • Right click on the web site project and select Add new Item


  • Select Mobile Web Form. enter a name for the form and click on Add button


  • To use a style sheet & a JavaScript file, I added a DeviceSpecific with SupportJavaScript Filter. this is how the HTML code looks like


  • Now I wanted to created some ASP controls. so I added another DeviceSpecific with isHTML32 Filter. this is how the HTML code looks like



  • One last thing, in order to make those DeviceSpecific Filters to work you need to add the required keys in the web.config file. this is how this would look like



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