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Signs of Autism

Signs of Autism

Some of the early signs of autism:

  • Does not babble, point, or make meaningful gestures by 1 year of age
  • Does not speak one word by 16 months
  • Does not combine two words by 2 years
  • Does not respond to name
  • Loses language or social skills
  • Poor eye contact
  • Doesn’t seem to know how to play with toys or excessively lines up toys or other objects
  • Is attached to one particular toy or object
  • Doesn’t smile or interact joyfully
  • At times seems to be hearing impaired

Monkey In Dublin Zoo

Scientific name: Macaca nigra
IUCN status: Endangered
Habitat: Indonesia Sulawesi and Bacan islands, and Philippean shores – tropical rainforests and coast
Diet: Mainly herbivore – including leaves, roots, sprouts, buds, fruit, insects, caterpillars


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In Dublin Zoo

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